Reno Fireworks in Almost Cinerama 4K video on Youtube

I shot 2 individual fireworks show during my stay in Reno, NV over the July 4th holiday. One show was in Reno after the Aces baseball game and another was further on the horizon in Sparks, Nevada an hour or so later. Viewed individually, the videos aren’t that interesting—but placed side by side in a panoramic video format and edited on a 4K timeline in Final Cut Pro X, I think it looks great.  I can’t wait until  AppleTV goes 4K and I get a 4K television.

A surprising realization….

Our intrepid Corporate Support Engineer has a moment of clarity.

Rewatching “World War Z”

I love this film. It has that “War of the Worlds” “Cloverfield” and bit “I am Legend” feel to it.

It showed up on Amazon and Netflix and I’m glad it has.

Amazon has an open matte version while Netflix has Original aspect ratio.

Notes and comments:

Th supermarket scene: why are the store lights blinking like that? Probably because it looks crazy and cool.

If there was ever a pit bull attack–magazines wrapped around forearms with duct tape seem useful.

“Desal”– desalinization.. Sea water to drinking water.

CSS: The Animated Series: Facebook Is My Reality

Our favorite CSS Engineer beta tests a revolutionary new product.

The Ricoh Theta is the ultimate selfie camera.

AT&T Mobile Share Plan: Good deal?

We still have our 2 gig per iPhone data plan from AT&T plus a regular voice line and looked into getting one of the heavily advertised discounted mobile share plans for three devices for $145 with 10 gigs data shared among devices. I thought it sounded like a good deal as we would get more for the money plus the ability to use our phones as a hotspot for our iPad or laptop. My mother could get a smartphone too!

Unfortunately, the devil is in the details. If any of us decides to upgrade to a new phone (hello iPhone 6) and sign a new 2 year contract, that device upgrade will add $25 to each months bill with no provision for it to go back down after the contract is up. (Each smartphone is $40 plus the plan).

So instead of $145— it’d be $170 a month. I assume if 2 users upgrade to a new device in the future in addition to the stupid one time activation charge per phone, I would have to pleasure of handing them $195 a month for 2 smartphones and a regular voice phone.

I know you got to recoup cost of the devices, but thanks, but no thanks. A contract free or older phone might possibly work though.