Memorable Films I’ve seen online the past year.

Not that I have that much time to watch movies but I had a mini Michael Mann on (Amazon and Netflix)retrospective this year: I rewatched Manhunter which ties in so nicely with the awesome Hannibal TV show, Thief, Ali and I need to revisit Heat and Last of the Mohicans, The Insider in my video collection. I also rewatched the thrilling imported Bluray of the Miami Vice movie but did not revisit The Keep.

The really great “Ida”
Rewatched “The French Connection”
Finally sat and watched “M.A.S.H”
“The Conversation”
Rewatched the original “War of the Worlds”
“World War Z”
Rewatched “Castaway”
“Out of the Furnace”
“Liberal Arts” – I think it is a sequel to How I Met Your Mother
“Dredd”— Not bad actioneer.
“The Loneliest Planet”
“Adore” — Controversial, but interesting soap opera.

Picture Instruments Look Converter + Color Grading Central’s LUT Utility

These are two of the most useful and essential tools for polishing your videos in Final Cut Pro X. LUT (Color Look Up Tables) profiles allows conversions of a range of colors to another range.  So if you want your video look more film like, then get a LUT that has characteristics of film.  With the Look Converter, you can create your own LUTs  in any iOS camera app with color look filters.  In order to apply the LUTs in Final Cut Pro X, get the LUT Utility from Color Grading Central.

Here is a quick video rundown:


Shoot 3K HD on your iPhone with MoviePro

Here is some work footage shot with the MoviePro iPhone app. I love it!

My indispensable list of iPhone apps:



645 Pro

Filmic Pro

TomTom US-Canada


Google Maps





8mm Camera


Propellerhead Figure




Tunein Radio

3D Camera

Madrag Stores 2014 Holiday Lookbook Video

Shot and edited the Behind The Scenes of the Madrag Holiday 2014 Lookbook.